Wind turbine and Foundation coupling specialists

Wind turbine and offshore foundation are complex systems. They are loaded during more than 20 years with external components (turbulent wind, irregular sea states). The response of each component impact the other ones (foundation motions, wind turbine cyclic loadings) and shall pe assessed with care.

Analysing and optimising the bahavior of this complex coupled systems requires the building and use of full numerical models. This is WINDGLAZ ‘s field of expertise.

Environmental conditions

o Collection, interpretation and justification of environmental conditions for a specific site is the starting points for each offshore wind project. We have been responsible of the specification and assessment of these data for many offshore wind projects. WINDGLAZ can assist you in the environmental conditions analysis and definition, related to certification requirements.

Type of studies

  • Oceano meteo conditions processing
  • Loading situation definition
  • Environmental condition representativity assessment
  • Turbulent and deterministic wind modelling
  • Cyclonic and deterministic wind modelling
  • Swell impact loading calculation
  • Justification and documentation with certification body

Numerical models calibration and validation

Numerical models for offshore wind turbine analyse cover different competence areas : aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, structure behavior and soil interaction. With its multidisciplinary team, WINDGLAZ is able de assist you to setup, calibrate and validate these models.

Type of studies

  • Equivalent trubine model setup
  • Hydrodynamic model setup and calibration
  • Structural model setup and calibration
  • Modal analysis
  • Hydrodynamic data base calculation (diffraction radiation)
  • Hydrodynamic and soil damping calculation
  • Tank test specificaiton and follow up
  • Justification and documentation with certification body

Calculation loop, sensitivities and optimisation

Analysing an offshore wind system requires a large number of the simulation due to the important impact of fatigue loadings and extreme events.
With a strong experience and performant computation capabilities, WINDGLAZ can assist you in the system loads calculation and assessment.

Type of studies

  • Coupled calculation methodology definition and documentation
  • Aerodynamic loadings calculation and analysis
  • Hydrodynamic loadings calculation and analysis
  • Coupled loadings calculation (turbine – Foundation – Soil)
  • Clustering study
  • Specific Sensitvity study
  • Optimisation loop
  • Fatigue and Extreme loads postprocessing following standards and norms
  • Load reports

our tools

We use industry standard software and have developed in-house analysing and processing tools.