Our Projects

Our references

2020 / 2019

EPCI Contractor – Fixed offshore foundation – France (two projects)

  • Load iteration methodology definition
  • Hydrodynamic loads calculation and interface with the wind turbine supplier
  • Model validation with the certification body, Loads report
  • Preliminary, Basic and detailed Design

2020 / 2019

Windfarm project Developers

  • Floating wind standards review
  • Software development: load case table creation from site data

2020/ 2019

Floating wind offshore foundation

  • Sensitivity studies on floating foundations concept
  • Conceptual study analysis : Model validation, Loads report
  • Preliminary and Basic design

2009 / 2016

Floating wind offshore foundation WINFLO

2020 / 2019

Floating solar plant 

  • Hydrodynamic modelling of a floating solar plant
  • Model validation and calibration, time domain analysis, mooring analysis


R&D Project: Rotor


  • Design, calibration and testing of an innovating wind turbine model adapted for tank testing
  • Project leader for Nass-et-Wind, collaborative work with IFREMER, grant application

2020 / 2019

Windfarm project Developers

  • Floating wind power curve: sensitivity study with generic floating foundation and generic wind turbines


ind turbine supplier – Floating wind project (France / USA)

  • Interface wind turbine manufacturer / floater designer
  • Fully coupled model, hydrodynamic modelling, model validation with the foundation supplier, modal analysis, design load case definition, simulation report
  • Preliminary and Basic design

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